The Brevet Group | Columbus Georgia Commercial Photography

Over the holidays I had the opportunity to meet up with the guys that run The Brevet Group.  They are a new startup company that specialize in cutting edge marketing.  Each of them commute here to Columbus from out of state so it was quite fun scheduling a date to shoot.   We met up at there place of work, Aflac Headquarters, to do some editorial and commercial portraiture.

brevet_group_blog_0001 brevet_group_blog_0012 brevet_group_blog_0002 brevet_group_blog_0014 brevet_group_blog_0003 brevet_group_blog_0015 brevet_group_blog_0004 brevet_group_blog_0005 brevet_group_blog_0011 brevet_group_blog_0006 brevet_group_blog_0007 brevet_group_blog_0008 brevet_group_blog_0013 brevet_group_blog_0009 brevet_group_blog_0010

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