10 tips to prepare

for your family photoshoot


Having a Pinterest board of creative ideas for your family session not only helps you but will help the photographer understand what your looking for. From posing and candids to color coordination and wardrobe styling. A Pinterest board is a great way to start planning for your photoshoot. ​

TIP 2 - Pick the right clothing

Piggy backing off of tip 1 here but clothing can make or break your photoshoot. Suggestion number one is to wear something that you will be comfortable in. If your uncomfortable it will show in your photographs. Colors can be tricky sometimes but generally speaking neutrals work really well. Don't go too crazy in the color department unless crazy is your intended target than by all means go for it. Another thing to think about is patterns. They need to match or just stay away from them all together.

TIP 3 - posed and candids

The traditional posed photos are great and will never grow old but there is something about candids that make them so special. It's those real moments that are captured that really show the characteristics of the family. Where smiles are much more genuine. Be sure to ask your photographer to capture both posed and candids. I promise you won't regret it.

TIP 5 - preparing the kids

As soon as you book the session with your professional photographer I suggest letting your kids know as soon as possible that you have scheduled a super fun photo shoot . Ok so maybe don't sell it that much but the more you prepare them of your expectations as well as how much fun everyone will be having the easier it will be for them to adapt on the day of the shoot.

TIP 6 - eating before

This one may sound obvious but stick with me here. Having a little food in you and the kids will prevent everyone from getting hangry ( hungry and angry ). I say a little because being too full can have the reverse effect of being sluggish and tired. It's definitely a lot easier on everyone to get amazing photos when everyone is happy and content.

TIP 7 - Eating After

Another eating tip is to plan a special meal after the shoot. When you let everyone know that you've booked a photo session and how much fun it will be also tell them that after the shoot you'll be going to their favorite restaurant. This keeps moral high all the way through your session. In addition you get to carry over the family fun while eating some yummy food.

TIP 8 - a special location

One thing that can take your photos to another level to have them captured somewhere that is specific and special to your family. Maybe a place at the park where you go a lot or on your family property where many memories have been made. Give some good thought where you would like them done and definitely consider having them done at a place that your family has a connection to. If you don't have a place in mind try googling popular locations in your area.

TIP 9 - props and toys

A way to take your photoshoot to another level is to incorporate props and or toys. Tip 1, the Pinterest board is a great resource to help you here. For example, say your family is die hard bulldog or tiger fans. Why not bring some jersey's and a football and incorporate that into part of the shoot. One thing I like about props and toys is that it can help take people's mind off the shoot and allow them to be more themselves and not so nervous.

TIP 10 - hire a pro

I've heard more times then I can remember from clients and their horrible experiences from previous shoots where they hired a hobbyist or someone who had a nice camera. For the most part in photography you will get what you pay for. Remember to take into account all the communication leading up to the shoot and the actual shoot itself, not just the end product. It's the overall experience and the end product that your making an investment in. Be sure to check out their portfolio and reviews as well. A pro should have many images to showcase their style and the reviews to back them up.

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