Agers Family | Midland GA Photographer

A perfect day for photos out at the Agers amazing home.  These guys are very friends of mine and are an absolute blast to hang out with.

We started out with pictures of Retired. Command Sargent Major Danny Agers.  If I remember correctly, each of the bars going up his arms represent 3 years of service.  As you can see his arm is filled with them.  From there we went to the backyard to catch some sunset and be a little goofy.  We ended it a photo booth session inside.

agers_family_blog_0001 agers_family_blog_0002 agers_family_blog_0003 agers_family_blog_0004 agers_family_blog_0005 agers_family_blog_0006 agers_family_blog_0007 agers_family_blog_0008 agers_family_blog_0009 agers_family_blog_0010 agers_family_blog_0011 agers_family_blog_0012 agers_family_blog_0013

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