Columbus GA Riverwalk Engagement | Tim & Amanda

This post is long overdue.  We shot this session a while back at Heritage Park near the Riverwalk.  This is also where Tim and Amanda had their small and intimate wedding ceremony.  

These two scream originality.  If the crowd is going one way they are going the other.  You might say, how could they get any more awesome?  Well, Tim also happens to be the owner of GameLink, a state of the art gaming lounge complete with big screens, awesome sound, the whole nine yards.  If your ever on base at Fort Benning be sure to check them out.

This was one of my favorite sessions.  The lighting was perfect.  Tim and Amanda were naturals in front of the camera.  And on top of that they brought LOADS of balloons.  The theme was from the pixar movie, UP.

columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0001 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0002 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0003 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0004 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0005 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0006 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0007 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0008 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0009 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0010 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0011 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0012 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0013 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0014 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0015 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0016 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0017 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0018 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0019 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0020 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0021 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0022 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0023 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0024 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0025 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0026 columbus_riverwalk_engagement_0027

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